How Come is the greatest edumacational TV series ever. Ever heard of Carl Sagan? Mr. Wizard? Albert Einstein? All morons. Prepare to have your IQ square rooted and beaten to within an inch of its life. Episode 1: Part 1 - Luck Through History Episode 1: Part 2 - Bunny Foot Farms Episode 1: Part 3 - Four-Leaf Brownies Episode 1: Part 4 - Vintage "Luck" Film + M.I.S.S. Information Episode 1: Part 5 - The Rainbow Experiment… Want more? Bookmark this site, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.… And subscribe to our YouTube channel, too.   How Come is seeking [ Read More ]

Electricity: Unplugging The Myth


A Halloween Limerick


The World’s Most Useless Products


Where’s Ralph Emerson?


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