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Some say that they bring out the tannic acid in tea and the caffein in coffee.?

Reply. – It is not a fact.

No Food Value in Coffee. – C.H.C writes: “Is it harmful to drink much coffee, either strong or weak? What is your medical opinion regarding substitutes for coffee?”

Reply. – Yes. Coffee is a “habit-forming drug” with practically no food value. Coffee substitutes are hot flavored “waters.” For those accustomed to drinking something warm with their meals they are all right.

No “Weed”; No Tea; No Coffee. – A.B.C. writes: “Do you think a person of nervous temperament who is making an effort to overcome nervousness by exercise of the will should smoke cigars, cigarettes, or a pipe, and drink tea and coffee?”

Reply. – No.

To Make Tea. – J.writes: “A friend and I had an argument as to the hot water supplied in flats. I contend that the boiler and pipes cannot be cleaned, and hence corrode. Therefore, that tea and coffee, for instance, should be made with cold water brought to the boiling point in a teakettle which can be cleaned out. she says that the hot water supplied in the pipes is all right for drinking purposes. Who is right?”

Reply. – I think you are both right. Hot water from the hot water pipes is good for drinking purposes. However, making tea is an art. To make tea properly, heat water in a vessel until theres a vigorous boiling; then pour water on the tea, and permit the mixture to stand.

Too Much Tea. – R.H. writes: “I am a woman, aged 35. I have headaches at times, am troubled with insomnia , and am not physically strong. I drink three cups of tea at each meal, using plenty of cream and sugar. Do you think my tea drinking excessive and likely to do me harm?”

Reply. – I do; very much so.

The Cola Habit. -Young Man writes: “Please explain fully the injurious effects of the cola habit.”

Reply. – Cola contains no alkaloid except caffein. Its effects are the same as those of coffee. People get the cola habit just as they get the coffee habit.

A few days ago I stood at the soda fountain and heard two boys order cola, adding, “Make ‘em strong, you know. Make ‘em strong.” A little while ago I saw a sign, “Double strength cola, 10 cents.”

A certain portion of the cola drinkers now call for ammonia in their drink. These illustrations cover your point.

The habit of taking stimulants is a bad one. A man gets up in the morning somewhat let down. Instead of cranking his machine by a cold water bath or a cold air bath or a few minutes of exercise in his bathroom, he takes a cup of coffee.

At 11 o’clock and once or twice at other hours during the day he feels as badly as he did before breakfast. He steps to the nearest stand and throws down a cola. Almost instantly thereafter his machine speeds up. After a little while his glass has no kick. He then wants them to “make ‘em strong.” Next he buys double strength. Next he gets the kick by adding ammonia.

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The Universe of Knowledge, 1912

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