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This is a step toward an answer but not an answer. The next question is, why do the white cells enter the roots?

Hair Turning Gray. – M.D. writes” “What can I do to prevent my hair from turning gray? Does it come from the blood? Am only 24 and anemic. My scalp is scaly and sore.”

Reply. – Get your scalp in good condition and keep it so and you will do about all that you can do to keep from turning gray. Wash your scalp frequently-every day or three times a week until you get rid of the scales. Rub in a little grease after washing. If you have much dandruff probably a sulphur ointment will be better than a plain grease. Spend some time each day bruising your hair. The condition of the blood has no especial influence on the hair. Anything that profoundly influencers the nutrition including profound anemia will affect the hair slight anemia will not.

Keep Hair Clean.-M.E. writes: “I am 30, and my hair is becoming white. Would you have the kindness to tell me how I can bring back my original dark hair?

Reply.-There is nothing that you can do except wash your scalp often enough to keep it clean and brush your hair frequently and thoroughly, using a little grease if required. Nothing except dyes “brings back” the color and they do harm.

Hair Dyes Injurious.-C.B. writes: “1. Are preparations for the prevention of gray hair or coloring injurious to the eyesight? 2. Can you prescribe a wholesome hair preparation? 3. Is it better to discontinue the use of the preparations at once or to do this gradually, and let the hair be restored to its natural color? 4. Is a glass of salt water before breakfast helpful?

Reply.-No, but they are otherwise injurious. Reed the article in “Nostrums and Quackery” published by the American Medical Association) on hair dyes.
2 and 4. No.
3. At once.

Dyes Not to Blame.-Interested Reader writes: “Would the use of a hair dyer one of the so-called hair restorers be any cause for, or in any way relate to the extremely nervous condition of a person, such as sleeplessness, irritability, etc.?”

Reply.-I have ear of inflammations of the scalp and severe headaches from the use of these advertised hair dyes but never of sleeplessness, irritability and a nervous condition. I do not think the use of the dyes is responsible.

Wash Scalp Daily.-Young Subscriber writes: “What causes the terrible itching of the scalp, especially when one gets out under the sun? I am in my twenties, and my hair is gradually losing its color, turning gray. Can you suggest a remedy?”

Reply.-You have a scalp condition which you should remedy by care of your scalp. Wash your scalp well with soap and water every day. If

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The Universe of Knowledge, 1911

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