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From The Universe of Knowledge, 1912 Edition.

Danger From Pets

The Montana Board of Health has issued a bulletin warning people against close association with pets. Nobody has arisen to warn animals against close association with people.

Cy De Vry, in his lecture about the wild animals he has known, states that the food of the Lincoln Park (Chicago) animals is better inspected, in fact, averages better, than the food of the people. Anyone who knows Lincoln Park or who sees Mr. De Vry’s pictures will know that the animals live in more sanitary homes.

Why is it, then that they sometimes get consumption? Associating with the people.

Having given the animals their day in court, we repeat what the Montana authorities tell us.

Dogs, cats, and parrots can pick up ordinary contagion from those sick with contagion, such as diphtheria, and then give it to others. The teaching is that when a child is sick with contagion the animal pets should be excluded from the room until quarantine is terminated, for a dog cannot be fumigated. The further advice is given that kissing dogs, cats, and parrots is liable to spread contagion.

Posted on November 1, 2010

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The Universe of Knowledge, 1912

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