The World’s Most Useless Products

We here at Thunk, are notorious for collecting absolutely useless products. From lightening globes to vintage ash trays, the Thunk TV office is full of impulse buys. The following are standards however, that even we will not sink to, and that, my friends is the basis of this segment entitled: The World’s Most Useless Products. The first entry we want to bring to your attention is initially a handy invention: The Storage Container. But slap a collegiate logo on it and OUILA, it instantly becomes useless. You could certainly use them to take to your favorite team’s tailgating party, but beyond that… who will see them? and we hope the elves inside your fridge are fans of whatever team you choose because man, are they vengeful! Never-the-less, we would like to provide you a link where you can order* these gems just in case we’re the crazy ones!  Stay tuned for the next World’s Most Useless Products and if you happen to have any contributions, please feel free to post a comment and maybe your product will be ridiculed next.

*You are leaving the Thunk TV website. We are not affiliated with this website in any way, shape form or fashion. Thanks for your understanding and enjoy your useless products.

Posted on September 14, 2011

Category : Learn & Other Stuff


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